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We can repair many types of photographic damage or anomalies. Listed here are the most common types of damage to photographs that we deal with. If you don't see an example of the kind of damage that your photograph appears to be suffering, don't panic! Simply give us a call, pop in or send us the photograph or a copy by mail, email or by using the upload form.

We also attempt to restore the original sharpness of image but we are unable to focus images that are badly out of focus in the original print. If you bring a photograph into the office we can check the quality of the original photograph to ensure it is sharp enough to be improved or enlarged.

Click on thumbnail images to view a larger version. The thumbnails shown here are very close up sections of client images, used with permission.


Fold Damage - Before RepairFold Damage - After Repair

Unfortunately, folding or creasing a photograph causes massive amounts of damage to the pigments and inks used in the print, often causing them to flake off over time. It is one of the most common types of damage that we repair.




Colour Correction - Before RepairColour Correction - After Repair

Over time photographs left in the sun or exposed to the elements will suffer from damage caused by light. The changes are subtle over time, and vary greatly depending on the quality of the original print and how it was stored. However, even prints left out of the sun's rays will gradually change colour as the inks and pigments age. Many of the examples you see on this page were originally black and white - now, 20 to 100 years later, the blacks take on a greenish hue. This change in colour is partly a result of the silver compounds used in photographic printing. We can restore colour images to their original lustre and will restore monochrome images to black and white if so desired.



Fingerprint Damage - Before RepairFingerprint Damage - After Repair

An unusual kind of damage, found mainly in damp climates, on Polaroid photographs and prints where the pigments are more volatile. Mainly caused by people handling damp prints immediately after printing. Coincidentally, damage always seems to occur over faces!




Removed or Attempted Removal of Parts - Before RepairRemoved or Attempted Removal of Parts - After Repair

The joys of photography are open to all ages. However, on occasion it is better to leave editing of your photographs to professionals. Use of a biro on a photograph is rarely the solution and can be particularly troublesome to repair.




Spot Damage - Before RepairSpot Damage - After Repair

This kind of damage is very hard to spot when viewing a photograph without a Loupe - however, it is common on textured paper prints and is caused by abrasion of the ink or pigment from the surface. While not usually a cause for concern, if the intention is to enlarge the photograph or if colour correction is required, as in this example, the spots will become more apparent and will have to be dealt with.



Stain Damage - Before RepairStain Damage - After Repair

Stains can be caused by many things and a lot of people consider them difficult to remove. Wine, food, juice, water, even glue, can end up on your photographs and cause major damage. This 1920s photograph was mounted using a glue onto a glass plate causing the discolouration you see on the left.



Missing Detail - Before RepairMissing Detail - After Repair

Many aged photographs do not have the easiest lives. Occasionally this shows in missing sections or scenery - lost somehow over the years. We can replace many items that may be missing from a photograph, or alternatively if replacement is near impossible we can provide a suitable crop to prevent modern eyes being drawn to missing detail.



Felt Tip Vandalism - Before RepairFelt Tip Vandalism - After Repair

Biro and felt tip pen damage to photographs can massively change the look of your old photographs. Fortunately we can return prints with this kind of damage to their original appearance.