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Main Street, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Phone: 087 656 7601
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We are now following a simplified pricing structure that will enable us to more quickly provide accurate quotations for work. These prices are negotiable in certain cases and should be treated as guidelines.

Example images will be added soon so you can compare your photograph and its damage and quickly work out which category of repair you require.


What You Get Price
Scanning And Archiving €6.00
Subsequent Scans €1.50 each
Basic Clean Up - €40

Work to include:

  • Removal of small amounts of dust damage;
  • Minor colour correction;
  • Small cracks - maximum of two, no replacement of areas;
  • Includes photographs of up to two people and up to 8" in height or width;
  • Enlargement for printing up to 5"x7";
  • Free 5"x7"* print
Major Clean Up - €75

Work to include:

  • One crack over a face;
  • Colour correction and matching;
  • Removal of significant dust damage;
  • Includes photographs of up to five people and up to 10" in height or width;
  • Maximum of three major cracks, replacement of small areas;
  • Repair of "crazing" crack damage;
  • Removal of single colour ink damage;
  • Repair of water damage where less than one third of image is damaged;
  • Enlargement for printing up to 10"x8";
  • Free 5"x7"* print.
Advanced Repair - €130
Work to include:
  • Major cracks on faces and bodies, entire image "crazing" (cracks);
  • Advanced (Lab) colour correction and matching;
  • Major dust damage repair;
  • Includes photographs of more than five people and over 12" in height;
  • Removal of single colour ink damage;
  • Replacement of large areas;
  • Enlargement for printing up to 24"x16";
  • Free 10"x8"* print (if possible from original).
* "Free prints" are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive papers and from the sRGB colour space.
PRINTING (from restored image)**
Size Price
4"x6" €4.30
4"x4" €4.30
5"x7" €6.50
5"x5" €6.00
6"x6" €7.50
8"x6" €12.50
8"x8" €12.00
10"x8" €17.75
12"x8" €19.50
14"x11" €24.00
16"x12" €27.25
18"x12" €39.25
Digital Delivery €75.00
** Reprints and extra prints are printed on Kodak Endura papers and using the AdobeRGB colour space, giving a richer and wider gamut of colours and tones.
Location Price
Ireland (recorded delivery) €8.50
Europe €15.50
*Framed images cannot be sent via postal services due to possibility of glass breaking.