Dave's Photo Restoration Service,
Main Street, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Phone: 087 656 7601
Email: info@davesphotorestoration.com


Old photographs are a valuable link to your past and your history. Looking after your photographs is as important as showing them to friends. We restore your treasured photograph, and the memory it holds, to it's original quality or better.

We work on a digital copy of your photo or negative so your original picture remains exactly as you provided it. We also understand the value that unique photographs hold to the owner and are aware that many people will be nervous of sending us their priceless photographs. All photographs will be treated with respect and stored correctly until returned. You are of course free to ask us about this or any other part of our service!

Don't hide your old photographs away - show them with pride!

Our services include: scanning of prints, negatives and positive transparencies; repair; retouching; enlargement; printing and framing of photographs at a variety of sizes.

We also offer a retouching service for modern digital photographs.